Distillation setup buy

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Tips on getting accurate quotes. This is one good way to set up a distillation.
To secure your setup, you will need a small three-pronged clamp, two ring stands, and a ring clamp. With him will cope both a professional and a novice moonshiner - the device is quite simple to operate, besides, when buying, you will certainly receive detailed instructions. Donald Schneider wrote an excellent review of this book for Amazon. The following series of photos illustrate the different steps in a simple distillation set-up. This series of steps is designed for the beginning distiller, to get you started in a logical and safe manner.
The condensate is collected in a separating chamber. The vapours form the top of the vessel are condensed in the shell and tube type condenser by circulating cooling water, supplied by laboratory overhead tank. If you observed seasoned organic chemists in the lab, they would each set it up in a slightly different manner.