How many basic emotions are there

Posted on 11.06.2018 by Charmaine
Scientists at Glasgow explain that by examining muscle movement in the face while expressing emotion we can combine fear and surprise together as these emotions involve. So how many basic emotions are there.

We can't exist without them but rarely stop to consider how many there actually are.

To reach their conclusions, Jack et al. Older psychology theories purported that there are six or seven basic human emotions, but recent research suggests there may be even fewer than that. Jack is using basic to mean irreducible. I wouldn't say you could put a specific number on how many emotions there are because we are all individuals and we all feel things differently, and to different extents.
The general consensus among scientists today is that the basic emotions, however many there may be, serve as the foundation for the more complex and subtle emotions that make up the human experience. What are the basic emotion and why are they called basic. Another example might be hope, which could be roughly interpreted as glad and scared. Instead there may only be four. The others sadness and happiness are as Ekman des.