How to achieve a limed oak finish

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Zaida
Use furniture stripper to remove any lacquer or varnish from the wood. Helaine Clare shows how to lime wood to achieve a professional-looking finish in eight simple steps. Clean off excess wax and admire the beautiful lime finish on your oak.

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This yellowing is sometimes desired to achieve an old look. Bear in mind that, as well as being used on furniture, this effect can be used on wood flooring, too. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter. When used on open-grained wood such as oak, chestnut and ash, liming has a pleasing effect, but its not so good with pine. The best choice of sheen is eggshell or satin to retain the hand-rubbed look. Both terms describe the application of whitewash to raw oak. Repair any holes in the wood and sand the surface.
The open-grained pores of oak pick up particles of limestone, highlighting the wood. Today, other white pigments are used and they are often contained in preparati. Interesting lime effects can be created on soft woods that may be colour-washed or stained before to achieve more of a contrast. Applying a lime finish to your oak furniture can create a beautiful effect by enhancing the grain of the wood. Liming oak is an old fashioned way to achieve an effect more commonly called pickled oak. Can you tell me how the process goes. It's also worth thinking about the type of wood that you're dealing with.