How to clean mass air flow sensor mini cooper

Posted on 05.06.2018 by Britany
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A bad or contaminated mass air flow sensor cann.

Mass air flow sensor MAF testing without dismantling. Every time you replace your air filter its recommended to clean MAF sensor it's fast, asy fun engine must be off disconnect battery optional. You can clean the MAF with mass air flow cleaner. Unplug maf drive around the block again. The mass airflow MAF sensor measures the mass or weight of the air as it passes through the throttle body to the intake manifold.
Next day start it up take it for quick ride around the block. The MAF sensor could get contaminated or damaged. Check the air filter and replace if dirty. The black smoke is carbon because you don't drive it hard. Locate the MAF sensor attached to the left side of the air intake tube. Problems mass air flow sensors are very common. How To Clean a Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF.